Guides to Write a Confirmation Letter

Fellas! One of the basic assignment of a secretary or administrator is about to manage all letter both receiving and sending. In field of business, a secretary should be familiar with any types of business letter. One of them is a confirmation letter. Anyway, in case you are new on this position and don’t understand about confirmation letter template and purposes, it is the best chance for you. Yes, we are going to discuss about Confirmation Letter Format as well as the tips how to write it professionally. Just be sure that you stay at this page and enjoy!

What is Confirmation Letter?

Confirmation Letter is a letter written to confirm whether something or someone are accepted or confirmed the information or issues that has been delivered before. Once you have sent a letter to company, organization or personal and deliver an issue to them, they will respond it through this letter of confirmation. This letter aims to ensure whether there is no misunderstanding between both parties. It is a type of formal letter that is used to business and professional communication. The other type of confirmation letter is about to inform that something or someone is under your responsibility. Or, you are trying to explain and give a prove statement that someone has done his or her good work.

How to Make a Confirmation Letter?

Alright, you are ready to make your own confirmation letter and here the things you should do:

  • Step 1# Prepare the Device

First of all, you may need to prepare the device before starting the letter. Yes, you are free to use either handwriting letter or the electronic document. Both of them have the same rules as it depends on your preference and somehow the parties policies. If you use a handwriting letter, you should prepare the writing tool with a business paper.

Meanwhile, for the electronic document, you can switch on your computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. Simply, you can immediately run the Microsoft Word and start writing. When you do the second option, you have to use the basic font that is Times New Roman with 12 size, single space between word and double space between paragraph, and left justify format.

  • Step 2# Make the Heading

The first thing to do in writing a formal letter is about providing a header. Yes, it is the sender’s personal information that is placed at the top side of the letter. You can write your full name, building address, email and active phone number. Just be sure that you write it correctly.

  • Step 3# Mention the Date

For the next, it is about the date, month and year when you write a letter. It must be clear as it may impact on how fresh your delivered information is. For the date format, you can use 13 November 2020 or November 13, 2020.

  • Step 4# Write the Recipient’s Details

For your information, the important thing in sending a letter is about to show that it is sent personally to her or him. It will give more impact therefore the recipients will be interested to reply your letter. In this case, you need to do a little research and find out the information about the recipient’s name; her/his company including her/his position including the contact details.

  • Step 5# Put Salutation

Before starting the body of confirmation letter, it is important to pay attention with the salutation. Before it is a type of business letter, you only can use Dear Mr/Mrs followed with her or his name.

  • Step 6# Complete the Body of Letter

It is one of the crucial parts of this work. Yes, you can start writing and deliver your confirmation on it. Simply, you can start it with the reason why you write this confirmation letter and give the feedback on previous work. You can add paragraph/s which support the first one. You can add the explanation or prove that will be useful to define the opening paragraph. But, you have to keep it short and not make over than three paragraphs. Then, the last paragraph is the conclusion of the previous ones. You can make one or two sentences reviewing about the topic. And, you should open the chance for discussion or questions through the contact you have provided.

  • Step 7# Close the Letter

For the rest, you can close the letter with the closing salutation. You can use Respectfully, Faithfully, Thanks, Best Regards and many more related to the topic you bring.  Then, you can close it with your complete Name and Signature.

Well, it is all about Confirmation Letter and step by step guides you can follow. We hope it can be useful for any purposes you have. Don’t forget to support our channel by leaving comments and subscribe. Also, we need to improve our writing and website’s performance so we kindly wait your feedback by leaving the comment on the box below. Anyway, thanks for reading and watching, see you soon!

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