How to Make a Notice Letter to Resign Professionally

Getting a job is something that many people covet. However, there are also those who feel uncomfortable with the work that has been undertaken. Or, due to certain factors, they have to resign from the institution or company they are occupying. Whatever the reasons, especially those related to personal interests, drafting a notice letter or resignation letter must be done carefully.

What is a Notice Letter?

A notice letter or what is known as a resignation letter must at least contain a clear resignation statement and notification when to stop working. We cannot just hand over a resignation letter to a manager and leave the office immediately; we have to provide the letter in advance or at least one month.

Including the reasons why we chose to leave the job is actually optional, but generally the manager may ask during an exit interview. It’s a good idea, if possible, also include offers to help the company in the transition or resignation process. For example, by finding a replacement candidate or to keep handling part of the job until the position left is filled. And last but not least, thank the manager or superior for the opportunities and experiences they have provided during the working period.

Here, the resignation letter must clearly be made in formal language. Be sure to maintain courtesy and humility in the writing. As mentioned above, you can also offer to help the company with some of the responsibilities previously held after your resignation.

What are the Elements to Input for a Notice Letter?

  • Dear (the recipient of the letter, usually the highest management in the factory such as the main director)
  • Personal introduction (name, title, and division identity)
  • The purpose and purpose of writing a letter
  • The submitted date of resignation
  • Thank you for all the guidance and learning you got while working in the factory
  • Apologies if there are still many mistakes and shortcomings during work
  • Hope for the factory to run smoothly and be more successful
  • Closing
  • Signature and full name

Step by Step to Write a Notice Letter

So, if you are ready to resign, you need to write a notice letter. There will be some things that need to be avoided in the resignation process. You can follow the sequenced steps to make a professional notice letter. Here you go!

  • Step #1: Mention the Reason

Showing off or comparing new work in other places with those we left behind. If indeed the reason for resigning is to take another job opportunity.

  • Step #2: Describe the Problems

Describe clearly the personal problems they have with the company. It is whether discomfort with the work environment, colleagues, bosses, and so on when the company asks to discuss the resignation letter that has been processed; although that was the main reason for resigning.

  • Step #3: Leave Positive Impressions

Try to leave a positive impression and take the time to make the agency / company we leave as part of a relationship that might be very helpful in the future.

  • Step #4: Give a Notice

You cannot just leave without giving notice if you want to keep the good networking. You should make sure that the boss or HR team or manager know whether you are going to leave in certain time, for instance is in two weeks or in a month.

Well, it is the whole thing you need to know when it comes to a notice letter. When writing a resignation letter, whether printed or emailed, ensure that it is positive or implies a good message and impression; in the sense of being a goodbye, the letter can confirm that the decision to resign does not imply personal problems with colleagues or superiors.

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