Steps to Write a Good Agreement Letter

Guys! Have you ever won a project and got a formal agreement with your client? Well, an Agreement Letter is an important thing you must prepare to complete your contract document. It is a legal file that ties your relationship with the client through the legal firm and deal. Ironically, some of people may not understand and let the projects going without any legal form document. And yes, we are going to discuss about Agreement Letter, the tips to write and things you should consider when preparing a legal agreement letter document. Don’t hesitate to scroll down and here we go!

What is Agreement Letter?

Agreement Letter or a Letter of Agreement is a formal letter which is used to clear and legalize the relationship between two parties in order to complete a certain projects or expectation. This kind of letter is a legal document that is managed and over viewed by the law. In the other word, both parties should be serious and conscious of everything that includes in Agreement Letter. Once they sign the contract, they must follow all the instruction and rules which is declared on the letter.

Because of its importance, you should understand what things to do and the things that you will get through the projects or deal you make. Before writing down the letter, it is better to do research and ensure that you fully understand with the deal or projects. Indeed, Agreement Letter has a strong power which is legally protected by the law so if you miss or even break the deal; the next process will be very complicated.

How do I Write a Letter of Agreement?

Alright, you have known the importance of Agreement Letter but you should not be afraid or hesitate to prepare it. Yes, we have a few tips that you can do to be successfully writing a good Agreement Letter. And, here they are:

  • Tip 1# Opening

The first thing you should remember is the soul of the letter is on your opening. In this case, we recommend you to begin your letter with the clear sentence which indicates some things. First, the parties involved in the agreement; second, the purpose of the letter; and the Third is the title of the venture as well as the date when the agreement taken.

  • Tip 2# Point

The second thing is about the points inside of your Agreement Letter. Yes, it is the main component on the letter which explains the whole ideas of your agreement. At this point, you should clear the state reason. It is better to put it at the first paragraph. For example, you can mention the description about the stake holder ratio, payment period and, job description and many more.

  • Tip 3# Language Use, Bullet and Numbering

The third thing is about the language you use. Yes, you are better to make your letter short but cover all important things on your agreement. Sure, you have to use the simple but strong language which can be understood by the involved parties. Then, if you have over than one important point on your agreement, we recommend you to write them in bullet or numbering. It helps the involved parties to highlight what things they must consider.

  • Tip 4# Expected Duties

Like we have mentioned before, your letter of agreement should mention the clear job description of the detail duties of each involved parties. Sure, inside of the main letter (Commonly at the second and third paragraph), you should precisely mention the expected duties for each involved parties to avoid the unnecessary wrangles.

Also, it is important for them to know the responsibilities and duties in order to succeed the projects. Just be sure that all of the involved parties read and understand the each duty before signing the agreement letter.

  • Tip 5# Make a Clear Statement

In order to make an agreement letter, we recommend you to make it with the lawyer or even the expert. Sure, you should not assume things based on your own feeling or personal statements. You need to pen down every small thing in order to clarity in case of disputes. In this occasion, you should be specific and clear when defining the terms and conditions.

  • Tip 6# Prepare the sign

Sure, an agreement letter must include a sign. Just be sure that you mention all agreement parties and prepare the place to put the sign. To prepare any kinds of condition, you may need a stamp, legal logo or even any kinds of legal sign of your parties. In some cases, you may face a client which the special condition that makes them cannot give the written signature.

What are the Parts of Agreement Letter?

Alright, you have known the tips to write an excellent agreement letter and it is time to arrange it. Yes, you need to know that there are some parts that must include on the letter. And, here they are:

  • The header (Sometimes, it includes the writer’s details. It can be the company’s identity with the logo or a complete name of the senders with the address and contact details)
  • Month, Date and Year when the letter is made
  • Recipient’s Details (Be specific by mentioning the name of the recipients or the person who take in charge at the projects of agreement)
  • Salutation
  • Main Letter (It consists 3 or 4 paragraph which mentioning the details of contracts or agreement)
  • Closing Salutation
  • Sender’s Name with the detail of Agreement Parties
  • Signature

How do I Write a Letter of Agreement between Two Parties?

Basically, the steps to write an agreement letter between two parties are same with the details that we have explained before. Even, it will be simpler because you only need to face an agreement party or a client. There are some tips that you should remember at this case and here they are:

  • First of all, your agreement letters must include the all the provisions
  • Second of all, it must use the simple and direct language. You must make sure that all statements or sentences are easy to understand.
  • Then, the first and second agreement party must understand the whole letter’s information and purposes once they read the first paragraph.
  • At last, the letter must contain the parts for its termination of the contracts including the underlining proper condition and terms.


Well, it is all about Agreement Letter. Now, you can start make an outline of your projects with the detail rules and description. For any purposes, this letter is a great document to make a legal business relationship with the clear rule, responsibilities and exact fee’s details. Anyway, thanks for reading this letter and see you soon!

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