Tips to Write a Polite Complaint Letter

Have you ever get unsatisfied services from a store or company? Practically, you have right to share you inconvenience to them in order to remind them for revising their last bad performance. And, you have right to get other policies or compensation for this situation. But yes, there are some legal and polite rules you should remember to share the complaint and writing a complaint letter is the best solution. This day, we are going to discuss about the simple ways and tips to write a polite complaint letter. So, keep reading!

What is Complaint Letter?

Complaint Letter is a letter written to express the disappointment of the recent bad services, work or products. Everyone can write this type of letter and free to send it to the related parties. The purposes of this letter is about to ask for the compensation or even other policies because of the inconvenience things we got on the previous services or products. Further, a complaint letter also helps the receiver to evaluate the performance. Of course, when a customer complaint them because of an issue, they have something to review to make it better. So, there is no room for errors at the next performance.

What is Complaint Letter Format?

You have known what Complaint Letter is and it is the time to know Complaint Letter Format. For your information, this type of letter is a kind of formal letter so it has the common or patent format. Once you need to write, you surely need to follow this rule. In case you forget how to write it, here the parts of complaint letters are:

  • Letterhead

As always, the first part of a letter is a letterhead. It is placed at the most top side of the letter. At this part, you can mention your complete name with your building address as well as your contact details. You can give the phone number or email. Because of its importance, you are not preferred to play when sending a complaint letter. It should be true and honest based on your real performance. Therefore, you should be ready if anytime the receiver respond your letter and contact you.

  • Receiver’s Details

A complaint letter should be strict, specific and personal to a company, organization or even personal. So that’s why, you need to write down the receiver’s details. Like the previous section, you can give the detail of your receiver’s name, building

  • Date and Salutation

Below the letterhead, you can put the date and month when writing the letter. You can use the format 12nd April, 2020 or October 3rd, 2020. One line below, you can write the salutation. Because it is the formal letter format, you can only use Dear Mr/Mrs.

  • Body of Letter

For the next, your body of letter is also important to explain your purposes why writing the letter. To make a good letter, you are able to make it short where it should not over than four paragraphs. At the first one, it is the opening where you can immediately mention the purposes of the letter, who you are including the recent situation related to the issues you bring.

Then, the next paragraph/s is the place where you can give the additional information related to the issues. Sure, you can ask for the compensation or other policies of the inconvenience you have got. And for the rest, it is the closing paragraph where you can make a conclusion of the issues. Please be open-minded for any discussion and please them to contact them for any further explanation.

  • Closing

Well, the last part is about the closing. In this part, you can close your letter with the salutation using Sincerely, Best Regard, Faithfully, Thanks, and many more. Then, you can add your complete name with the signature.

Tips to Write a Complaint Letter

Although you are free to write a complaint letter, you should remember that it must be polite and objective based on the issues you have faced. Before sending it, you should check it and ensure that it has been perfect. Yes, just be sure that you don’t make any small mistakes common in language use, grammar context, punctuation as well as the sentences. And guys, here are the tips for writing a good and polite complaint letter:

  • Get to the point – You must explain the reason of writing the letter. At the first point, it must indicate the facts including the time, date and situation of the issues you are going to discuss. Please be specific on the issues and the settlement.
  • Share the Fact – You can attach some files related to the issues and situation. It can be receipt, email, or warranties.
  • State the limit of resolving – Once you send a complaint letter, you must be wanted them to resolve the problem by giving you the compensation or other policies. In this case, you should not hesitate to mention it and give the limit for them to fix your problem. Of course, the period you providing should be realistic based on the issues to avoid the unreasonable clash between you and the receivers.
  • Be polite – Like we have mentioned before, you are obligated to state your complaint in a polite way. Please use the low tone to avoid being emotional. Even you are disappointed, you should control it and state it professionally. Choose the polite word, make a simple explanation and request and close it with a respectful manner.
  • Check the spelling and grammatical errors – It is important to make your complaint letter looks professional.
  • Wait patiently – You have given the limit of problem resolving. Then you should trust them. In this case, you need to wait the next communication patiently and avoid interrupt them by sending the boom text, calls or email.
  • Seeking the Legal Help – If you have followed all professional rules in stating a complaint but there is no feedback from them, you are free to ask for the legal help. Sure, you can meet a lawyer and he or she will advise you about what you need to do.

So, it is all about Complaint Letter Format including the tips to make it polite and professional. One thing you should remember is about to be honest and not afraid of something bad you don’t ever done. Once you get a disappointment service or product, you are free to send Complaint Letter to the company and they must respond it. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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